{Beautiful new tunes from Hiatus}


Beautiful new Mt. Wolf remix from Hiatus, two favorites of ours. We did a full music interview before which you may read here.

Mt. Wolf is a four member band based in London, but have been gathering significant attention internationally. Although now city folk, each of them were born by the sea – Kate and Stevie in Guernsey, Bassy in Dorset and Alex in Brighton. This dual experience of living in two different locations play a huge influence on their music, which conjures a dark and isolated but beautiful world.

Hiatus, Cyrus Shahrad, is newer on the scene, launching his debut album ‘Ghost Notes’ in 2010. His blend of of Middle Eastern melancholy and cinematic electronica will leave you relaxed and yearning more. Based out of South London I was happy to discover his dreamlike melodies, I think you will be too. Check out more if his work here – https://soundcloud.com/hiatus.


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