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A FLOWER in its best form can offer beauty, kindness and the ability to bring light to one’s day.  Flor De Maria ,(Flor meaning flower) lives very true to her name and her style shines through just the same!  I was happy to feature Flor De Maria,a successful PR Professional and Fashion Stylist from San Jose California for this Summer Style With Friends.  When I think of Flor, I see a go-getter in career and life, one who has the ablitiy to give love and encouragement to all those around her and manages it all looking flawlessly with a cute outfit, great acccesoires and a beautiful pair of heels on!

After gaining much success as an On-Air Journalist and PR professional in sports, Flor knew there was much more she could offer the world with her ablity to share her love and eye for fashion.  After growing up in Peru until 14, her style seems to be reflective of her cultural background, mixed with pieces of trends, and love for all things chic.  Flor’s newest venture, is a successful Fashion Blog offering daily fashion tips, a shoe of the week, outfit posts and also a Spanish version. Flor De Maria Fashion is a must see! Her Style Set features a night on the town outfit for cocktails with friends on a Summer night.

“I would wear this outfit out to drinks with my girls or my boyfriend. I love wearing rompers right now, especially when it gets really hot outside. Blazers are on top of my list, I wear them with everything. I also love big necklaces and coktail rings, I think they are ME.  I am also loving anything leopard at the moment and of course who doesn’t love Louboutins :)” ~ Flor De Maria

SHOP THE LOOK: Crepe lightweight blazer; ($718 –;  B-low the Belt – Buckle Wrap (Luggage) – Accessories($142 –;  CHANEL CC PENDANT NECKLACE ($1,500 –;  YSL Oval Ring ($295 –;YVES SAINT-LAURENT – LEOPARD PRINT BUFALO HOBO ($2,945 –; Christian Louboutin Tinazata 120 cutout boots ($1,395 –; Bustier Jumper ($325 $163 –




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  2. Kristen
    August 20, 2010 / 5:20 pm

    Me pleasure!! xx

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