{Holiday Wish List #1}

Isn’t it funny how we’re out shopping for others, yet find so many things we are coveting for our own closets? There are so many things on my wish list this season, but here are just a few of them I’ve stumbled upon over the last month. From home design, to turbans, check out Style Wax Poetic’s list #1 for the season.


1.  Heidi Merrick Pillows – I discovered Los Angeles based designer Heidi Merrick at The Grove’s Pop Carts this season. In addition to her amazing RTW collection, I really was impressed with her home collection. From pillows, to throws, to super cute Heidi Merrick dolls, they will all add a touch of design for any home and they support Los Angeles. Buy HERE.

2. Heidi Merrick Pajamas – because you know you’re all lounging in your pajamas this month walking holiday movies. Yes, we love it too! Buy HERE.

3. Heidi Merrick Pillows – because one is not enough. And, they compliment each other! Buy HERE.

4. Claire Vivier Tote – I’ve known about these beautiful bags for a while now, yet haven’t seem to add one to my collection. All of Claire’s bags are chic, elegant, yet fun, like this tote with a bold orange stripe. I just love it.  Buy HERE.

5. Wall Mounted Stag Bottle Opener – because it’s just cool AND only 14.99. Buy HERE.

6.  Topshop Ribbed Peplum Jacket – I posted about this jacket before and fell in love with this outfit.  Buy HERE.

7. ALDO Blue Booties – because I’m obseesed with this color and I’ve been wanting these for so long. Buy HERE.

 8. Warby Parker RX – These are so chic! And, if you’re going to wear glasses, you better do it in style. Buy HERE.

9. Books with Style Impact: 50 Years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America – coffee table books are a must for any chic home. Keep them beautiful and interesting, just like these chic pink book covering 50 years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Buy HERE.

10.  ASOS Chunky Knit Turban – adorable, chic, and a must for winter. This one is less than $20 from ASOS. Buy HERE.

 11.  Polka Dot iPhone Case –  If you read my blog, you know I’m usually not into major labels like this, but I think this case is adorable! And, perfect for the holidays. Buy HERE.

12. ALDO Booties – these are perfect for just about any weekend daytime outfit. Pair them with a dress and tights, or leggings. They’re super cute AND super cheap. Buy HERE.

What’s on your wish list?



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